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Electric Bass Transcriptions and Tabs

BASS PLAYis the name I wanted to give to my new idea of publishing videos and transcriptions (with tabs and notation) on a regular weekly basis.

I always had difficulty over the years, finding online music sheets (I mean not tabs) of the songs that I wanted to study and understand deeply.

This is the reason I decided to take this path.

How it works

The page is organized into categories, the styles of music (which I will try to enlarge more and more by uploading new ones) and sub-categories, the artists.

Today these categories are (very generically):

The videos are uploaded to my Youtube channel, to whom I recommend to register 🙂
At the same moment transcription / tab will be online, in order to have free access you just need to subscribe (for FREE) through the form you find below on this page.

I hope you’ll enjoy my new project and that this will be an incentive for your musical growth (it is also for me ..).

For any request please contact me, on the website, on social media, etc.
I will be happy to help you!



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